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5 Channel Cable Ramp

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5 Channel Cable Ramp Cable Ramp Cable 5 Channel Cable Ramp Cable Ramp Cable

Rubber Cable Protector Product Features:

  • Made of high strength rubber composite materials, suitable temperature -32 to 65 degrees Celsius, the product is strong and durable, long endurance life, less wear on the car, no noise, shock absorption, excellent compression.

  • Standard yellow and black production technology, bright color, clear color, obvious signs.

  • Fast and easy way to protect the wire, cable and audio and video data lines, especially suitable for emergency use .

  • To provide a safe and stable passage, continuous protection of various types of cable and pedestrian safety. To eliminate the security risks of wire and cable site announcement exposed, maintain a clean and orderly environment of public activities .

  • At the bottom of the strong adhesion of the design, installation, without bolts to destroy the ground and the use of tools, but also to prevent movement of the shift.

  • Optional elbow, three connection attachment, you can protect the line of arbitrary bending and multi direction extension.

Channel Cable Protector Description:

  • There are 5 slots in the product, and the diameter of each channel is 35X30mm;

  • Independent 5 wire groove anti channeling line design, insulation performance is good, can withstand the 2500V voltage, protect the cable, avoid the risk of electric shock leakage

  • Cover the use of high quality PVC material, durable, bright color, not easy to fade; The tank made of high strength rubber material, good compression performance, and durable;

  • The product has two functions of the line groove plate and the speed reducing belt, and the slope body has certain flexibility, and is not easy to produce a strong sense of bump in rolling, and the effect of reducing noise and vibration absorbing is good.

  • The male and female on the joint design, directly buckled to complete the laying, installation is simple, easy to move, easy to maintain.

  • Groove bottom fillet design, in the same groove on the basis of the same size, more compression and durability, the general line groove is a rectangular groove type, high strength, easy to crack under the use of.

  • Slope and cover are equipped with fine anti slip convex point, effectively prevent slip in rainy weather; on the back of the tank is provided with a compressive reinforcement, reasonable structure, long service life.

  • The shaft is made of steel shaft, which guarantees the long life of the shaft.

  • Dimensions: 65Hmm x 485Wmm x 770Dmm

  • Weight: 18kg


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